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MUST-WATCH | Photos and Videos from the 2015 Commemoration of the Once-Banned Odaa-Bultum (One of the Major Oromo Gadaa System’s Administrative Centers)

Posted: Amajjii/January 29, 2015 · Finfinne Tribune | Gadaa.com | Comments (4)

Oromos from all corners of Oromiyaa have converged at the once-banned Odaa-Bultum, one of the major Oromo Gadaa System’s administrative centers and located in Eastern Oromiyaa, to celebrate Odaa-Bultum and witness the peaceful power-transfer to the new Abbaa-Gadaa; the celebration will last for eight days, starting on January 28, 2015. According to sources, the new Abbaa-Gadaa of Odaa-Bultum will be inaugurated at this week-long celebration.

Odaa-Bultum, together with the other Odaa’s across Oromiyaa, was banned by the invading Habesha army at the end of the 19-century. Though the banning was meant to destroy and erase people’s memory of the Oromo Gadaa heritage, the strong collective societal memory of the Gadaa System continues to propel the ongoing Renaissance of the Gadaa System across Oromiyaa.

Video#2 (click on the clip to play):

Video#4 (click on the clip to play):

Video#1 (click on the clip to play):

Video#3 (click on the clip to play):

Odaa Bultum Revives - The Oromo Gadaa Renaissance in Action

Odaa Bultum Revives – The Oromo Gadaa Renaissance in Action

OdaaBultum 2015_18

OdaaBultum 2015_17

OdaaBultum 2015_16

OdaaBultum 2015_15

OdaaBultum 2015_14

OdaaBultum 2015_13

OdaaBultum 2015_12

OdaaBultum 2015_11

OdaaBultum 2015_10

OdaaBultum 2015_9

OdaaBultum 2015_8

OdaaBultum 2015_7

OdaaBultum 2015_6

OdaaBultum 2015_5

OdaaBultum 2015_4

OdaaBultum 2015_1

OdaaBultum 2015_2

OdaaBultum 2015_3



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Comments ...

  1. Gutaa Damoso Reply

    January 29, 2015 at 12:59 pm

    A job well done,
    But with”OROMO RENESSANCE”there should be revitalization of our value which we are very much deficient and these are:the revitalaization of Honest Bravery,true love of human beings and honest commitment to “OROMUMMAA” Ans self respect.He who does have an absolute belief in self respect will have a respect for others.When I say honesty it means to be what we preach,stopping lies which we call it politics.Politics is not a narration of lies,politics in my opinion is a very holy issue related to how the people decides about their life in holistic manner.When once people suggested to Mahatma Ghandi that he was a saint who had lost his way in politics,Mahatma said ,”No,I am not a saint,but I am a politician who want to do politics in a saintly way.” Thus politics is a saintly subject and we should have saintly yard stick in our approach in to a subject that defines the present and the future of our generation reflecting back on our culture,identity and value.

    AS an oromo we have lost all our value because of myriad of effect and every body should look him self in the mirror how he is behaving and also turn the light in to himself and examine how he is thinking,we can not change others without changing our self.Thus every oromo should embark on self examination about what is wrong with himself or herself.It is not only the act of the enemy which brought us so down,it is fundamental loss of value:we call the ignorant is a scholar.the coward is a hero,the lair is honest and the honest is lair.We let value to stand on its head and shrunk bravery and honesty to sink.

    Selflessness is a motto of a fight for freedom and not insatiable lust for power,however in oromo tradition people are begged to lead,thy dont push themselves on to unwelcoming audience which we are watching in broad day light.The oromo Renaissance should be introversion and self correction,it is not about hitting hard fellow oromo,it is abut self search and proper action.If these are done the our struggle will be short and effective,but any thing short of what I am saying is like pounding water,it gets no where.All what am saying is a after long observation and I have understanding of how we behave because of professional in put in the struggle.These are all what I observed.Ii lived the life in all form of it.

    Bravery should be distinguished from dastardliness(Bravery where there is no danger) a brag or a war cry without war.

  2. sabontu Reply

    January 29, 2015 at 1:14 pm

    I do not have enough words to express how I am feeling. I unable to control my crying. God is getting us back our lost history and democratic system that governs all creature equally.

  3. Kelloo Reply

    January 30, 2015 at 4:31 pm

    This is part of TPLF’s election campaign. The Oromo people should not be fooled by such cheap propaganda. It is expected that TPLF needs to ease a little its relationship with Oromos at this time, when the regime is in a more tense situation with the Amharas. It is an irony that this year’s Oda Bultum Gada event is sanctioned and supported by the ruling regime. This is TPLF’s calculated political move to temporarily calm things on the Oromo front so that the regime can focus on other fronts. It is not unexpected that the regime will do this at this time but only to get back to its extreme hostility against Oromos soon after the election. The rulers in Finfinne can do any thing that they want to. They, for example, ban and criminalize Oromo culture like Gada events such as the Oda Bultum when they don’t like it, and unconditionally restore the same when they like it. And apparently TPLF is very successful in this. We cheerfully take when the regime throws some thing at us and never question why at this time?

  4. albasa dagaga Reply

    January 31, 2015 at 9:42 pm

    It is true that allowing Odaa-Bultum celebration to take place at this time is TPLF tactic of campaign strategy during the upcoming fake election. There is no question that TPLF has continued to use carrot -stick strategy to control Oromia over the past two decades. Some of the carrot has been beneficial in the areas of our cultural and linguistic revival and in some cases, even TPLF can’t turning back, hard as she might try. Oromos has taken advantage of such for this is after all the result of Oormo struggle and does not count as gift of TPLF. This was never gift of Tigreans. Tens of thousands of Oromo shed their blood to get us what we got so far, as meager as it is. We also know that the TPLF has done unimaginable damage to Oromia and to our people in this short period, two decades, probably more damage than under Teferi Mekonnen’s 40 four decade rule. The moral of the story is, use whatever opportunity comes for that is not a gift of the enemy; and never stop to confront the enemy head on until our goal of liberating Oromia is achieved. Never surrender! Albasa

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