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Fayyis Oromia:- Can the Two Biggest Nations, the Oromo and the Agaw, Cooperate Against the System of Domination in Oromia (Ethiopia)?

Posted: Adoolessa/July 9, 2015 · Finfinne Tribune | Gadaa.com | Comments (58)

By Fayyis Oromia*

Few years ago, the well-known historian Prof. Laphiso Delebo disclosed the presence of 23 million Agaw in Oromia (Ethiopia). That means the Agaw are the second biggest nation, next to the Oromo (most of them nowadays being Amharinya-speakers and Tigrinya-speakers); if this figure is true, where are they living now? In Axum, Adwa, Tembien, Abergele, Welqayit, Tsegede, Enderta, Adigrat, Semien, Quara, Metema, Lasta, Wag, Awi, … etc? In general, are they not the owners of the most areas of Tigrai, north Gondar, part of Gojjam and the whole Lasta? NB: Oromia=formerly Ethiopia, as defined here: http://finfinnetribune.com/Gadaa/2014/12/fayyis-oromia-why-not-the-union-state-of-oromia-as-an-optimal-solution-for-the-majority-at-the-center/, is a union in which the following five points (FADOB-score) will be implemented: F=Freedom from the system of domination; A=Afan Oromo as a primary language of the union; D=Democracy as rule of game in the union; O=Oromia, instead of Ethiopia, as name of the union; and B=Black-Red-White as Cushitic flag of the union. To have an overview about whereabouts of the Agaw and the Oromo Cushitic peoples, look at the illustrative map below.

There is a very troubling question in minds of many people from Oromia, which didn’t get adequate answer till now: why was it easy for the TPLF to rule over the Oromians since 1991? Why even may it be easier for this group to dominate all nations in Oromia for further many decades? I think, it is mainly because of the misguided elites of the two big nations – the Oromo and the Agaw. For the last 24 years, the TPLF managed to corner both the Amharinya-speaking Agaw, who are the majority in the so-called multinational organizations, and the Oromo elites, most of whom are the proponents of nations’ right to self-determination, because of their struggle for the unconditional unitary country and the unconditional independence of the Oromo state, respectively. The TPLF could reserve the ideological middle ground, i.e. a union of free nations or ethnic federalism, as its own position, and accuse the Agaw elites as centralists and the Oromo nationalists as separatists. I did appreciate the position of the visionary leaders from these two big nations – who have repeatedly tried to foster an alliance against the TPLF; especially, in 2006 they tried to take a necessary step to tackle the TPLF’s tactic of divide-and rule. The historical face-off between the Habeshanized and the non-Habeshanized Cushites was a unique historical advantage for the TPLF to perpetuate its rule limitlessly. That is why the hitherto dialogue between the Agaw forces and the Oromo fronts was a good start, even though it was described by the TPLF leaders as a marriage between fire and straw (isat ina ciid). Unfortunately, the forged alliances didn’t last long, and the elites of these two big nations are not yet in a position to cooperate. It is really pity that these elites still live in a conflict against each other. The effect of their inability to solve the conflict is, of course, the ongoing subjugation of all nations in Oromia by the TPLF.


Disregarding the past and present criminal ruling class in Oromia, actually both the Agaw and the Oromo peoples were victims of the European colonizers. The main conflict and imbalance of power between the Habeshanized Cushites and the non-Habeshanized ones started at the end of 19th century, at which time the Europeans had their program of the Scramble for Africa. It was said that the French colonizers used to move horizontal between Dakar and Djibouti whereas the British colonizers’ move was vertical between Cape Town and Cairo. The two forces were about to confront each other in the Horn of Africa. To avoid the confrontation, the colonizers had to do their usual manipulation in Africa: choose one ethnic group as “superior,” and use it to suppress the others which they consider as “inferior.” They told the Habeshanized Cushites that they were “culturally superiors and they must civilize the inferior animist” Oromo and other nations. They provided weapons and helped the Habeshanized Cushites by giving military advice; thus, they controlled indirectly the area without confronting each other. With such manipulation, both the Agaw and the Oromo nations became victims. Even though the rulers of the country were servants of the European colonizers, both the Agaw and the Oromo peoples always lacked freedom since then.

The name 'Ethiopia' is a word adopted after the First World War for an instrument of Habeshanization; today's Ethiopia should either be named Agaw-Midir or Oromia to designate its being the land of Cushites.

The name ‘Ethiopia’ is a word adopted after the First World War in the early 20th century to facilitate Habeshanization (i.e. de-Cushitization); today’s Ethiopia should either be named Agaw-Midir or Oromia, or OromAgawia, to designate its being the land of Cushites as the country is predominately of Cushitic origin.


INTERLUDE: Music of some of the Cushitic peoples still with their Cushitic cultural heritages in today’s North Ethiopia; they have resisted Habeshanization for the last 2 millenia to survive till this day:



Agew Awi:





Nowadays, the TPLF gangs are the neo-servants of the Western neo-colonizers; the TPLF gangs are instrumentalized to suppress the Oromo, the Amharinya-speaking Agaw and the other oppressed nations. For they are in almost the same situation, there is nothing which can hinder the alliance of the Agaw democratic forces and the Oromo pro-liberty fronts to fight in unison for our freedom, but still there are practical problems, which have to be addressed. The elites from both sides yet need to learn how to tone down their respective striving for mere “unconditional unity” and mere “unconditional independence without union.” The Agaw forces pushing for unconditional unity makes the Oromo to be skeptical for we know what the Agaw elites want to achieve with this pretext. At the same time, the attempt of some Oromo elites to achieve independence of the Oromo national area – without giving any chance for a union and without valuing its benefit – makes the Agaw forces to panic for they fear a sort of discrimination in the future free Oromo region. Such move of both camps is counter-productive in the struggle for freedom. The TPLF manipulates this difference between the elites of the two big nations in order to create more discord and take advantage of their conflict. To deal with such mischief of the TPLF, very important now for the elites of the two nations is to concentrate on the common agenda: freedom and democracy. If both sides come to their senses and rally behind these two ideals, a free Oromo state and a free Agaw state in an integrated Oromia as a compromise solution can be fulfilled. This is possible if all nations in the Empire will be free from the ongoing tyranny, killing, and looting under the TPLF rule and in case they decide to foster a union named Oromia. Above all, the victims from the two big nations need to wake up and say in unison – NO to the status quo under the fascist regime!

For the durable alliance of the two forces against the TPLF, by default or by design, to be realized, I do endorse the common goal – union of free nations as a result of the right to self-determination exercised by each nation. Till now, it was very difficult to get such a common purpose, hence unity of purpose was impossible. The Oromo elites argue that the Oromo must get first our national independence by any means, and then build a union based on free will. Some Agaw forces argue that “the so called Habesha are simply the converted and assimilated Cushites, who are speaking Amharinya and Tigrinya; so the Oromo don’t have to separate from their own people, but should bring these Habeshanized Cushites back to their lost root, and, of course, then have a leading role in the politics of the country.” The mistrust between the Agaw and the Oromo elites is a God-given opportunity that the TPLF are enjoying to rule over the country as long as they can. Unless the elites of these two big nations come to terms and cooperate, all nations in the Empire have to settle for the rule of the TPLF, not only for few years, but possibly for many decades. For the necessary cooperation, union of free nations as a result of their respective right to self-determination and even union, including others in the Horn (based on free will), can be taken as the noble cause for which we all can fight together. Not accepting this model means unconditional separations of independent nations as the alternative.

Till now, certain steps have been taken by the Oromo elites to forge the common ground with the Agaw forces just to discredit the TPLF in the Oromian political history. The short sighted TPLF, who are good at winning battles, but can never win the war, thought that they can control the Oromo struggle. Actually the oppressive actions of the TPLF boosted the struggle, for it is getting even more Oromo support. Further interesting is the fact that the Oromo elites in a long run could take away the card, which the TPLF needed for further existence in Oromia. They did this with two very important steps: 1. in 1992 they denied the TPLF a sort of legitimacy it desperately needed in Oromia; thus the TPLF became the eternal enemy of the Oromo people; the TPLF could have made the OLF its partner and would have enjoyed support of all Oromo, but it formed the OPDO and made itself alien to the Oromo; 2. in 2006 the formation of an alliance with the “multinational” Agaw parties dismissed (at least temporarily) the very important instrument the TPLF used to rule over the Oromians – i.e. antagonizing the Agaw forces as “centeralist chauvinists” and the Oromo fighters as “narrow separatists.” Unfortunately, being in the polarizing trap of the TPLF, these two groups couldn’t persistently struggle in unison against the tyrants. Now, the time should come, when this instrument starts to die slowly, but surely, and the TPLF be under attack from both the Agaw and the Oromo nations. Take it only 1 year or as long as 10 years, the TPLF should pass away like the Derg. After losing power, the TPLF will be remembered in Oromia as the German Naizi is now; the future Tigrinya-speaking generation will definitely distance itself from the TPLF and be ashamed of its history just like the people of Germany are doing.

In order to understand what the Agaw elites do advocate, let’s look at the difference between unity, empire and union. Putting the difference in short, empire is always established “per force” and union results “per free will.” If the Agaw forces are the believers of the second premise, they, of course, risk that the free will of people can lead to an independence of nations without a union, not to their wished unconditional unity. Concerning the difference between unity and union, the first is pre-modern, whereas the second is post-modern. A certain British scholar classified countries in the world into three: 1- pre-modern chaotic states like the artificial constructs/countries of Africa; 2- modern nation-states like some mono-national-states in Asia and Latin America; 3- post-modern union of free nations like those in the European Union. The Agaw elites need to see that African nations, including those in the Empire, are kept as pre-modern due to the arrangement made by the European colonizers, and this situation is now perpetuated by the AU [African Union] dictators. Africans need to leave these artificial nations behind and forge natural nation-states, if we want to be transformed from our present pre-modern position, passing through the stage of modern status to the post-modern condition like an independent Oromo state and an independent Agaw state in an Oromian union – the most beneficial status which the Europeans themselves are enjoying.

Some Agaw elites, at least theoretically, do believe that the destiny of the Oromo should be decided by only the Oromo people. The question to be asked is: what will happen if the Oromo decide against the unity which the Agaw want and opt to build an independent Oromo state without a union? Do the Agaw accept and move on, or will they fight against the decision? They also should have a clear position on the type of unity they want to forge: union based on free will, or unity based on forced wish? Those who do advocate unity by force have their own argument; especially, it is interesting to hear them trying to instrumentalize the present American politics. They narrate “just as American union was saved by force, we will struggle to save our union.” Can’t they grasp the difference between the two “unions”? America is the land of immigrants melted together to accept the American identity and speak only English. Do they want all the native nationalities in Oromia be melted to have such uniformity and speak only Amharinya? Why do they forget that even they are the worst victims of such assimilative melting, so they lost their Agaw identity and chose to hide behind the mask of Ethiopiawinet with the content of Habeshawinet. As far as I know, even the most liberal Agaw movements advocate unconditional unity, which is not the goal of the Oromo nationalists and not the wish of other oppressed peoples. If the Agaw elites want a unity of purpose with the Oromo fighters and get rid of the TPLF, I would like to repeat that they accept a union based on self-determination of nations as a common denominator, instead of pushing for unconditional unity.

As I understood till now, Oromian politics is kept in balance due to the struggle between the following three blocs: 1- the bloc of the governing TPLF force; 2- the bloc of the so called unity forces dominated by Agaw elites; 3- the bloc of all oppressed nations, which do first want to be liberated from the system of domination before fostering a union. When the Agaw elites talk about alliance against the TPLF, do they mean alliance of only political and civic organizations in the second bloc, or do they also want to include those in the third block? I think, they already put a precondition for the alliance to be forged: accept unity unconditionally! With this precondition, they seem to exclude those in the third bloc. If they want to include the third bloc in to the alliance against the TPLF, they need to change this precondition and try to find a common denominator with the third bloc: nations have to decide on their own destiny based on free will, be it for self-rule within a union or for self-rule without a union. Does their rhetoric about democracy include such demand of peoples to decide on their destiny? I hope, at least the democratic Agaw elites will start to think and act independently from the chauvinist conservatives.

The two positions, i.e. the position of the Agaw forces (unconditional unity) vs. the position of the Oromo fronts (union based on free will), should be discussed and debated further. Even when nations give their vote to self-rule within a union, yet it is mandatory to decide secondly on which type of federal arrangement. The Agaw forces are advocators of the geography-based federalism in contrast to the ethnic federalism, which is preferred by most of the freedom fighters. As “democrats,” all of them have to live by accepting the winner per the public verdict. But, can they extend this principle of referendum to the argument: self-rule within a union vs. self-rule without a union? As I heard and read till now, some Agaw elites didn’t even decide on the issue regarding which type of federation to support. Concerning the benefit-cost discussion in cmparing the two types of sovereignty, all the stakeholders, of course, can try to convince the public before voting. Regarding the Oromo people, both types of federations are not bad, as long as all nations agree to name the union – ‘Oromia’; otherwise, the ethnic federation is the minimal acceptable solution. Optimally, the Agaw elites can advertise for the advantage of unity and the Oromo fronts preach about the importance of independence, then live according to the public verdict. Alternatively, of course, the compromise and the common ground for both groups can only be national freedom within a regional union, which may be supported by both sides; the alliance of both forces together can try to convince the public about the importance and benefit of this common goal – a union of free nations (Union State of Oromia).

Yet, interesting to observe is that some Agaw elites fear “the fact that peoples can be brainwashed and vote against their own interest.” What a concern! It is simply wrong to think that peoples decide against their own interest. If they even do mistakenly vote against their own interest like the “Americans elected Mr. Bush,” let it be. That is also part of democracy. During elections, informing the public before coming to a decision is good; taking away such a possibility of the decision making process from people is undemocratic. Why should we call it brainwashing, instead of “convincing”? It is, after all, about influencing people. In America, the evangelicals were convinced and were successful with Mr. Bush and the quasi-socialists were successful with Mr. Obama. Where is brainwashing? It is about convincing the majority; the ones who won the hearts and minds of the majority were the victors. In the free and fair competition, for the Agaw forces – which struggle for unity, there is the same chance to that of the Oromo fronts (advocators of a union). Their freedom of choice must be mutually respected. Regarding the dictatorial unifiers, who advocate unconditional unity without the option for a public verdict, it should be known that they deny freedom of the Oromo and other nations. For example, when they say “be andinet lay anideraderim” – they send a message: “you either accept this andinet or we will deal with you.” They don’t dare to say, “we advocate for unity and then let the public decide.” Their approach is arrogant, dictatorial and uncompromising. To such people, the Oromo fronts also should say: “be netsanet lay anideraderim.” Now how can the two groups who do say “anideraderim” deal with each other democratically? The only solution for such dictatorial mentality will be bullet, as it has been. Up to now, the dictatorial forces won for the last 150 years and they “united us” by force. The Oromo nationals call this as colonization, for it is not a union based on free will. Some with similar dictatorial ideology, like the TPLF, now want to continue the status quo at gun point. Hopefully, the democratic Agaw elites will do the business otherwise.

I think an alliance of all anti-TPLF forces, by default or by design, is still the best way to come to the position of self-determination for the Agaw, the Oromo and the other nations as well as to promote the democratization and integration of the future union of all nations in the region (a national freedom within a regional union). The result will be a free Oromo state, a free Agaw state and other nations’ free states within an integrated Oromian union. But, can the two big nations yet cooperate for such a compromising solution or should we allow the TPLF to play their card of divide-and-rule? The win-win solution suggested here is not just fancy, but potential fact, which can be realized. In summary, I would like to say: no empire in history has ever changed through reforms. For a democratic Agaw state and an Oromo state in a union of nations to be realized, the Empire’s system of domination must end and an Oromian union be forged. Sovereignty of Oromians over their country should be promoted; all nations – big or small – need to have an equal right to national self-determination. It is only if they are free that they can decide on their destiny. At the end of the day, even many more nations in the Horn can join the union voluntarily. There should be no nation to decide on the fate of the others, as the Habesha elites (the Habeshanized Cushites) did till today. The same is true for all nations in the whole Africa; there is a possibility for the United Sate of Africa to be established in a long run based on the free will of its entire nations and peoples. Even the Habesha mass, which has never had a say in their lives, will get the opportunity to exercise their own self-determination and elect leaders of their own choice freely. As long as national domination persists, the struggle for liberation will continue. That is why I would like to say the solution for the current problem in the whole Oromia is the cooperation of the Agaw pro-democracy forces, the Oromo freedom fighters and the other nations on a common denominator of fostering a genuine ethnic federalism (the Union State of Oromia). May Waaqa help, especially, the elites of the two big nations to come to our senses!


* Fayyis Oromia: foromia@yahoo.com



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  1. Agent_TPLF Reply

    July 8, 2015 at 3:55 pm

    @Fayyis Oromia=Mixer

    How much TPLF paid you to mix Oromia with all over? Why even you are allowed by this website to misled Oromo?

    • Luku Reply

      July 8, 2015 at 9:40 pm

      kkk One word man! You even can’t formulate one sentence to oppose the author, leave alone to make a little bit arguemnet with one small paragraph!

      • Agent-TPLF Reply

        July 9, 2015 at 10:23 am

        You don’t deserve a paragraph because you don’t understand it. First learn how to write a sentence without a grammatical and spelling errors.

        The point is this, Oromia has a well defined boundary geographically. It needs first to decolonize oneself before your abstract dream to merge it with other’s.

        • Luku Reply

          July 9, 2015 at 7:32 pm

          OH Mr.english teacher! But why couldn’t you challenge the autor you despise by writing an article like him? “Hamma namaa hin geessu, tuffii namaa hin teessu” is the good proverb to remember by reading you here. Those, who are inferior try to pull others to their own feet just to feel good! Are you now feeling good? Nice way of fighting your depression! kkk

          • Agent-TPLF Reply

            July 9, 2015 at 11:04 pm

            You have two problems:

            1) You don’t understand what other has been commenting in a sentence but you are opting for paragraph as such, you can go over in each sentence again of the sentences: “How much TPLF paid you to mix Oromia with all over? Why even you are allowed by this website to misled Oromo?” “The point is this; Oromia has a well-defined boundary geographically. It needs first to decolonize oneself before your abstract dream to merge it with other’s.”

            2) You try to speak about other but in reality you are portraying what you are in the proverb “Hamma namaa hin geessu, tuffii namaa hin teessu”. Yoo barbaade Afaan Oromootin barreessuu ni dandeessa. Ingilliiffaa qoffaa miitti yaadakee ibsuufi. Rakkiina hedduu qabdaa Ingilliffaa fayyaadamuufi. But still you are trying to hid your limpid deficiency of articulation. Most people can help you from that.

            For example, your writing in this “kkk One word man! You even can’t formulate one sentence to oppose the author, leave alone to make a little bit arguemnet with one small paragraph!” has no message but I was trying to speculate understanding you have fundamental disorder. To elaborate for you, “kkk One word man!” has no meaning at all. “You even can’t formulate one sentence to oppose the author,” but filling on the three dots what you want to say, it can be rewritten as “You can’t even formulate one sentence to oppose the author’s…” And, again, your “leave alone to make a little bit arguemnet with one small paragraph!” is meaningless with a lot of errors. You may rewrite it as “…let alone to write a paragraph in arguing for/against…. ”

            The point is this again. The Author’s position failed to put his writing that decolonize the existing well-defined oromia from the colonizers but stretch his ambition to mix Oromia all over locations. This is a confusion the least to say that misled Oromo. If you don’t understand again, go for removing your disorder first.

            • Luku Reply

              July 10, 2015 at 9:31 am

              kkk Mr. English teacher! I can sense that you are a fresh graduate in english language and try to be perfect. Are you now satisfied? Surely you can sleep good now. To feel better, you have to inflate your ego so and look down at me. “Kann if jaju hin dogoggoru.”is another proverb, which came to my mind. In your character, I do observe no Oromummaa, but stinky Habeshanet; first, define your own personal boundary and liberate yourself, before talking about Oromia! kkk

            • Leader Reply

              July 10, 2015 at 11:40 am

              you, as one of the leaders in QBO, can challenge Fayyis in a constructive way than opting for such cheap approach. If you are as such fluent in writing english, why couldn’t you produce a single article on this issue? The difference between you and Fayyis can be that he is bold enough to express his idea without fearing such negative reaction from his readers, even if he lacks proficiency in english, whereas you lack that confidence, despite your bragging about your competence in english language. Otherwise being perfect in english doesn’t make you super-man to despise your fellow Oromo, especially some one doing his best to help Oromo discuss on controversial issues. This is not expected from a political leader, who actually had to lead by example!

            • Border Reply

              July 14, 2015 at 6:47 pm

              your intellegence service in your illusive mind could detect that Fayyis is Woyane’s agent. Is this how you lead our struggle? This shows how our beloved organization lost precious minds and be filled with leaders like you. Other wise, which one is the correct and a well defined Oromia’s boundary? ABO-QC’s map? ABO-SG’s map? OPDO’s map? Fayyis Oromia’s map as shown here? or Tsega Etefa’s map as depicted in his book?

  2. Tumsa Reply

    July 8, 2015 at 4:10 pm

    *Oromians: Time to Walk the Talk of Alliance Against the Oppressive System!*

    Surprisingly, the TPLF we despised at the beginning of its move towards Tulluu Daalattii (Arat Kilo) ruled us with brute force for quarter of a century. Our separated and sporadic resistance against it didn’t work till now. Especially, lack of cooperation between the two opposition camps (the pro self-rule liberation fronts and the pro shared-rule unity forces), is the main cause for our failure. No need to write more about the already well known common political problem we do have, but let’s think about our common solution. First of all, I would like to suggest that we do agree on common citizens’ and cultural identity: being Oromian as a synthetic identity of ‘being Ethiopian vs being Oromo’, the two identities we used to antagonize till now. Accordingly, Oromia = formerly Ethiopia, as defined here; http://finfinnetribune.com/Gadaa/2014/12/fayyis-oromia-why-not-the-union-state-of-oromia-as-an-optimal-solution-for-the-majority-at-the-center/ ; is a union in which the following five points (FADOB-score) will be implemented: F = Freedom from the system of domination; A = Afan Oromo as a working language of federal government; D = Democracy as rule of game in the union; O = Oromia instead of Ethiopia as name of the union; and B = Black-red-white as Cushitic flag of the Union. This upper Nile country called Oromia by the native owners of the land is used to be named as Abyssinia by the Portugeese, Kush by the Jews, Ardulhabesh by the Arabs, Punt by the Egyptians and Ethiopia by the Greeks.

    This approach of equating Ethiopia to Oromia or using the two designations interchangeably can solve our problem regarding the controversy around the name – Ethiopia:
    – certain Ethio-nationalists love this name because of its appearance in the Holy Book and the ancient meaning given as the glorious Cushitic kingdom.
    – some Ethno-nationalists hate it because of the association with Habesha dominattion and with exclusively Christian kingom of the past Abyssinian history.
    – few from both sides are ambivalent, just trying to be rational and they want to use or avoid this naming pragmatically.

    I think now, it is time to work on a common solution for the common political problem we do have. The TPLF already showed its uncompromising desire to stay on power by “winning the election 100%”. President Obama is going to “celebrate the victory”, just for the sake of using the TPLF as servant of America’s geopolitical interest in the region. We like it or not, the only way to get rid of the apartheid/domination system is through forging a necessary unity of purpose and by building a persuasive force; of course the common purpose is freedom from the system. Such unity is not necessarily structural, but it can be an alliance by default, which is practiced by targetting only and only the TPLF and by avoiding any wastage of resource in the horizontal fighting. All organizaions struggling for freedom from this system can encircle the regime in Tulluu Daalatti 360°, both figuratively and realistically. It is absurd to quarrel on the topic: “which way is better: non-violent or per-violent?”, as the pro-unity forces are currently doing in different cyber and public forums. Actually, as Oromians in general, we can accomodate both ways of the struggle; but specifically, as individuals or organzations, we can choose one of the two, without denouncing the one we don’t prefer. Further more, we have to avoid any division based on our past history or our far future; let’s leave our pre-Woyane history for historians and the post-Woyane decision for the stake-holder peoples of the country, so that we can concentrate on the current struggle for freedom.

    To be effective in our fighting, we better reduce the talks and writings we excercised till now, but increase the necessary thinkings and walks in a very beneficial way. We surely heard and read the principle “action speaks louder than words” very often. Those of us, who really want freedom, have to be practical personalities; it is better to act for 5 minutes than talk for 5 days. What are the concrete important actions to be taken for a success of our cooperation? Here are few points of the necessary list:
    – stop horizontal fight between the anti-Woyane forces.
    – possibly forge an AFD like alliance by design or else don’t spoil the existing alliance by default.
    – those in diaspora should move back home like the ODF already planned, be it per Bole for non-violent struggle or through Bale for armed struggle.
    – the diaspora should see themselves more as a support group rather than as determining freedom fighters; their main contribution being to provide the 3M’s (money, media & military) support.
    – the main activity at home should be undergound, not to expose the productive personalities, as usually was the case during the past ritual “election” processes.
    – try to accomodate both self-rule and shared-rule, instead of polarizing/antagonizing them and rejecting one at the benefit of the other position.
    – etc

    In short, both the non-violent and per-violent struggles should focus at home being supported by the huge resource of the diaspora. The struggle needs perseverance like running marathon; it is not similar to a short, but exhaustive sprint. Remember again and again: unallied we fail, united we prevail. The TPLF leaders know this more than anyone of us; that is why Meles Zenawi once said: “the TPLF has got historical advantage to rule the country for a long time, because of the ‘Agaw (Amhara)- Oromo conflict’.” Unfortunately he is right; the elites from the two big nations still fear, hate and sabotage each other more than they do fight the TPLF. They think with the pre-1991 mentality; the situation of both nations is already changed, but the solution in the mind of the elites is not changed. Now, it is time for these elites to decide: either we cooperate and be free together or dwell on the old conflict and live as slaves of the Woyane’s brutal system of ethnic apartheid. We should not only speak and write about this indispensable way of struggle in unison, but also we have to walk the talk.

    My message in this short opinion is clear: an inclusive unity of purpose is inevitable for victory; I used to write on this issue of alliance against the system repeatedly. As Dr. Marara put in his recent interview with SBS radio, the anti-Woyane forces need to do their homework of empowering the freedom fighters through necessary cooperation of the two opposition camps on a common denominator or middle ground of self-rule with shared-rule, as suggested by the democratic federalists. It is good to hear that the existing Oromo liberation fronts are consolidating their unity; it is also encouraging to see pro-unity forces coming together and even suggesting a formation of an inclusive government in exile. But only unity of groups in their respective camp is not enough; there must also be an efficient and working alliance of the two blocs against the system. Such approach of structural unity was tried repeatedly in the last 24 years, but failed. Can we learn from our mistakes and come up with working mechanism against the tyrants or are we doomed to be ruled and exploited further. The choice is ours: either walk the talk of alliance for freedom or live under the system of domination/apartheid/slavery/internal colony/tyranny for a century! May Waaqa help us choose the first!


  3. Gaarii Reply

    July 8, 2015 at 8:42 pm

    Whatever trash theory and postulate you write it did not earn you any meaningful support from Oromo. But you continue writing your garbages again and again. What Oromo want is Oromia not Ethiopia you try to revive giving some make-ups.” pigs with chapstick is still pig”.The empire has to be cramble once for all no need of repair it.

    • Pain Reply

      July 9, 2015 at 2:17 am

      Can you comprehend at last? Ethiopia according to the article is wider Oromia! Which part is so painful for you?

  4. Cush Reply

    July 8, 2015 at 9:53 pm

    The so called Semetic are the Semeticized Cushites; the Omotic are the Bantucized Cushites; actually about 95% of the population in the country are Cushites (according to the 2007 sensus: 35% Oromo + 27% Amharized Cushite + 6% Somali + 6% Tigrinized Cushites + 4% Sidama + 4% Guraganized Cushites including Silxe + 2% Wolayita + 1.7% Afar + 1.5% Hadiya + 1.4% Gamo, 1.2% Gedeo + 1% Kaffaa + 4% smaller Cushitic groups); thus it is not wrong to call the country either Oromia or Cushland or Agawmidir or Oromagawia.

  5. xaaxessaa Reply

    July 8, 2015 at 9:59 pm

    Jechootaa Oromoo Durii (Oromdur) keessaa: “Faaqiin yoo gogaa duuguu dadhabde,saree ari’uutti bobbaatii” jedha. Ethiopia diimokraatessuu dadhabnaan, faaqonni polotikaa Ethiopia “Impaayera Oromoo fi Agaw” dhaabuuf kaachhaa jiru? When they failed and became bankrupt to democratize Ethiopia,they animated to chase the establishment of Oromo-Agaw Empire as an exigency agenda?

    • Namichi Reply

      July 9, 2015 at 2:19 am

      Dubbiin siif hin galtu? Ethiopia dimokratessuu duwwaa miti, gara Oromia itti jijjiiru dandeenya siin jechaa jira bar namichi!

      • Jaboo Reply

        July 12, 2015 at 9:52 am

        Warri ODF tun yaadaan teeysanii dhalaandhaltu. Akka dhiiraa dhaabattinii loluu sodaattanii waa’e Itoophiyaa dimokratessinaa dhudhuuftu! Ergamtuun Tigree ishiin duraa, OPDOn, akkamitti ol isin galchiti jettanii yaaddu? Fayyis jechuun nama caatii qaamee mirqaanaan waan guyyuu abojootu dhugaa se’ee maal godhu jedhee xeebaa oludha. Angotti karaa shuffis barbaada malee haarsaa lubbuu kafalee Oromiya bilisu=omsuf tasa sammuu keessa hin jirtu. Obbo Leencoon iyyuu ‘takkaa waa’ee Oromiyaa bilisoomsuu jedhu sammuutti yaadnee hin beeknu’ hin jennee?

        • Ajaayiba Reply

          July 12, 2015 at 5:14 pm

          kunoo atis amma jagna ta’uu kee argisiiste miti ree? Si fi Fayyis gidduu garaagarummaan jiru, inni akka nama sammuu qabuutti yaadee waan beeku barreessa, ati ammoo akka nama sammuu hin qabne Oromoo akka kee arrabsita. Kunis ajaayiba!

          • Jaboo Reply

            July 13, 2015 at 3:59 pm

            Aboo maal taate? Maaltu arraba fide as keessatti. Waa dhugaa haasawe ani. Hoganoti ODF dhoysan Tigree wain hasawaa turan, ummati Oromo irra dammaqee dhiisaa jedhe, ni didani. Ittui caalanii ajanda dadhaba qabatani kayo qabso bilisumma Oromo gara dabarsuf kaatani. Ummati duule, ni didani, duunes biyya kenyatti galle qabsaya duuna jedhanii didanii galani Tigreen biya abba isani irra ‘bad asii ykn sin hidhaa’ jettee ariite, ‘biyyaa abbaa isaanii irratti qabsayaa duúu dhiisiti hidhayyuu sodaatanii ‘kotte na baasi’jedhanii fiigicha/baqaa duruu beekan keessaa fuudhan. Barruun Fayyisis kanuma. Gochaadhuma ODF kanatu barruun dhiyaataa jira. Yaada kufaa fi dhalaandhala.

            • Ajaayiba Reply

              July 13, 2015 at 9:47 pm

              beekte ykn xiinxaltee duuteetta? kkk

              • Jaboo Reply

                July 14, 2015 at 1:54 am


                Xiinxalas ta’e soda keysan beekkomsa fakeysuf daba Oromo irraan gahuuf yaaltan saaxilun akkas waan dubbattan isin dhabsiisa!!! Ati garuu Fayyisuma, maaf if dhamaasata amma, DHAMA”A?

                • Ajaayiba Reply

                  July 14, 2015 at 3:25 pm

                  kkk Amma na moote jechuu dha? Ana yoo moote hoo, Fayyis moohe jettee gammaduu kee ti? Dhugumayuu ati Jaboo dha!

        • Qobbo Reply

          July 13, 2015 at 5:45 pm

          Jagna internet, mee sirba Umar Suleyman dhageeffadhu. Yaada dhihaaten mormun ni dandeessa garuu akka kashalabbe Oromoo arrabsun ammam akka safuu Oromoof beektu hubachiisa.

          • Raayyaa Reply

            July 14, 2015 at 1:59 am

            Sirbi Umar Suleyman warren akka tee dhiiga ilmaan Oromooti daldaltu mormudhaf nahe bar. Safuu osoo beeytee dhiiga ilmaan Oromon harka dhiqattanii yaada mataa fi miilti isaa hin beykamne as baatanii hin balaqqamtan turtan, salphoon duwwaan kun!!!

            • Calculus Reply

              July 14, 2015 at 4:30 pm

              “Yaadni mataa fi miilli isaa hin beekamne” kun sammuu xiqqoo akka kann keef hin galu bar! Can you teach 1st grade boy a calculus? Try to develop your mind to comprehend such complex issue!

  6. Gojam Reply

    July 9, 2015 at 3:15 am

    For those, who want to read more about Gojjam &Begemidir being Oromo stock, read the following book and look at the map of Oromia around 1850! Tiltle: Integration and peace in East Africa; History of the Oromo nation! Link: https://books.google.de/books?id=vdzFAAAAQBAJ&pg=PA9&dq=somali+Oromo+mix&hl=en&sa=X&ei=BwhBU7LYJs6psASi4IGQCQ#v=onepage&q=somali%20Oromo%20mix&f=false

  7. Anti-Ethiopia Reply

    July 9, 2015 at 4:40 am

    Are you anti-Ethiopia Oromo? Woyane loves you very much. Here is why!

    *The three Woyane’s Beloved Political Groups are: the anti-Oromia Amhara, the pro-TPLF Tigrean & the anti-Ethiopia Oromo!*

    Woyane ruled us for quarter of a century not only with brute force, but also due to our weakness! Some elites from the three main competing nations (Amhara, Tigrai & Oromo) did the bidding by default or by design. No surprise that most of the Tigrai elites are pro-TPLF as long as they are beneficiarries of the system. But, why do the elites from Amhara and Oromo fail to learn in the last quarter of a century? Almost all Amhara elites still refusing to accept Oromia as a national state of the Oromo and some Oromo elites yet trying to undermine Ethiopia as common home are the beloved politicians of the Woyane. The Woyane encourages such rigid elites so that they neutralize each other, instead of cooperating on the common ground: self-rule of Oromia with shared-rule of Ethiopia. From the Oromo side, a lot of elites have come to this middle ground, but from the Amhara elites almost none. Is this may be due to the difference in the length of oppression the two nations experienced? The Amhara suffered only in the last 24 years, whereas the Oromo endured it for about 150 years. It seems the Amhara need yet more than 100 years of oppression to make a compromise and come to the middle position. Alas!

    • Sanyi Reply

      July 12, 2015 at 11:30 am


      Why do you compare flour with ash/sand? Weather Amhara accepts Oromia or not, it doesn’t matter! They don’t have a single grain of truth or cause to peruse other than dreaming about the impossible come back to the gone for good power they controlled for over a century and lost 25 years ago. Oromo has the just cause and the capacity to claim its independence and the right to avoid everything Ethiopia as Ethiopia is a debt for Oromo. Ethiopia is a burden on Oromo as Oromo and Oromia is carrying unnecessary garbage and pile of trash loaded on it from Abyssinia. Independence of Oromia is not conditional and doesn’t dependent on the consent of Amhara. The scare tactic they used on Eritrea as if independence of Eritrea means the cutting of throat of Ethiopia (Ye Eritrea magganxal maalat ye Itophiyaa angat maqorex naw) and the false narration of ‘a man can’t live without neck or throat propaganda’ didn’t stop Eritrea from securing its independence. Ethiopia didn’t have a natural throat/neck other than the pseudo/artificial neck that Minilik had created for Abyssinia 150 years ago in collaboration with Europeans.

      • Anti-Ethiopia Reply

        July 12, 2015 at 5:23 pm

        did I write, Independent Oromia is not just cause? What I write is that Woyane loves, when Oromo stick to this radical Position, instead of coming to the compromise solution (true federation), so that there will be no alliance with conservative Unitarist Amhara. What Woyane fear most is public uprising for which success such alliance is a nice precondition.

        • Sanyi Reply

          July 13, 2015 at 7:13 am


          There is no as such ‘radical position’ in a just struggle like Oromo’s QBO! The way habesha forces interact and react to one another and to Oromo can’t be a yard stick to measure the quality of our cause!

          For that matter, the phrase ‘radical position’ was the shrewd tactic that Mr. David Shin had been using to twist the fact and confuse Oromo nationalists as if our leaders had made mistake in the strategy they had formulated when they established OLF. The fact, however, was that friends and enemies know that Oromo and OLF have been on the right track to dismantle the empire state that the West doesn’t want. That is why they have been using switching tactics of weakening our struggle diplomatically when things are easy to manipulate and force/threatening/ when OLF becomes tough on them.

          • Anti-Ethiopia Reply

            July 13, 2015 at 7:46 am

            you can call it “radical” or otherwise, anyways there are two positions: independence and union! Woyane loves when we take the “independence” position for it hinders a possible alliance with the unity forces. That was the point I wanted to raise!

            • Sanyi Reply

              July 13, 2015 at 2:53 pm


              Those options are obvious, but the success and failure of our just struggle can’t, should not and must not be dependent on the ‘love’ of Woyane. Woyane doesn’t love any thing that disstablize them, whether peaceful struggle (example the shameful election and its 100% result) or the armed struggle. If we are not capable of dismantling that empire by all means possible there is no guiarantee that we can live in peace. As you said, Woyane fears the public idsobidience and unrest more than the armed struggle. That doesn’t means we should avoid that military struggle for independence as the Woyane themselves who came from 5 million population managed to dismantle the oer more than half million dergue military force. Everything depends on our commitment and readiness to pay the ultimate price for our liberation. There is no shortcut to Walabummaa as ODF tries to confuse itself and us!!! Woyane and habeshas also work hard to manipulate this view of yours so that we give up the quest for independence and bit the bush with them.

              • Anti-Ethiopia Reply

                July 13, 2015 at 9:58 pm

                actually Woyane never works to persuade us that we give up on the question of Independence, rather it wants that we be fixed on that corner. The era in which Derg was dismantled and the context now are two differnet situations which need two very diddeferent approachs to come to the optimal solution. Now the Oromo should be flexible and seek alliance with all anti-Woyane forces in order to combat the strong bank and tank of the Woyane. Otherwise we can sit in that corner which Woyane loves for us and brag about our dogmatic purity of our rigid principle. Don’t forget that politics is ART of the possibilities.

                • Sanyi Reply

                  July 14, 2015 at 2:32 am


                  Why do Oromos need alliance with others as a mandatory criteria to secure their independence? WHY? to get more diverse people or large number of people? Oromo is more than enough to bring change in that empire. Why do you over state the strength of Woyane as a metal and Oromo as a clay or by stander? If you are Oromo, you should change that mentality and weak/loser psychology first. The bank and tank of Wayane is relative and can be easily broken if there is the commitment from the oppressed and colonized people. Russia, Yugoslavia and others who had the technology, power, security instruments than the backward Woyane couldn’t contain the grieved and suppressed peoples’ power for independence. They tried to hinder those revolutions for short period of time by committing genocide, however, the oppressed people with just cause were the final winners.

                  Who said the quest for independence is not achievable? Woyane or habesha? You should know that ‘Nothing is impossible under the sun’!! It is not because we Oromos are behind the Kaayyoo of independence, per you perception, that Woyane is ‘keeping us at the corner’, but, it is because we couldn’t quickly take the struggle to the next phase/stage. That is what will, for sure, happen sooner or latter. By the way, it is not Woyane that is keeping us at corner, rather Oroms are keeping Woyane at corner. Don’t look at the temporary situation in the empire and the interest driven World power balance, based on the objective and subjective condition in the empire, Oromos is the winner!!!

                  • Anti-Ethiopia Reply

                    July 14, 2015 at 3:20 pm

                    tnx for your civilized way of discussion and genuine concern about the Oromo! I thought you are one of the known cyber duriye’s, who are just here to spit their provocative sentences; fortunately you sound different. Let me respond to you in a bit longer way. I am the first to celebrate when the Oromo will be the winner. I think both of us are seeking an optimal way to help our people be the winner at the end of the liberation game.

                    Alliance with others is not necessarily a mandatory, but beneficial. The situation we are in is good for Woyane to rule further. One of the best instruments used by Woyane is “divide and rule” mechanism. It used this instrument for the last 24 years and it is using further. The Oromo organizations and other freedom fighters should take away this card by any means possible. Thus, we should advocate alliance against the Woyane. For the alliance to be materalized, we have to move to a compromise solution. Sticking to an independence corner doesn’t help us in this purpose. That is why Woyane loves, when we uncompromisingly be fixed in this position.

                    It is true that Oromo is more than enough to achieve our goal, but don’t forget that even USA wanted alliance of the world states in order to fight against the mini-state – Iraq. Alliance helps us to be efficient. Only bragging about our potential and number is not enough. No matter if you percieve me as Oromo or non-Oromo, having different approach from yours doesn’t make me a person with weak/loser psychology. Don’t try to win the arguement by labelling me with any thing negative, but by rational arguement regarding the issue we discuss.

                    Bank and tank of Woyane can be broken with an equivalent or stronger bank and tank, which we unfortunately lack now. Only commitiment of the oppressed nations and peoples is not enough. Behind the victory of peoples in Soviet union, Ethiopian empire and Yugoslavia in the 1990ies, there were bank and tank of the Western powers. Do we have that tank and bank of the cold war behind us now? Remember even our neighbours, Eritrea and South Sudan had banks and tanks of those Western forces. Let’s be pragmatic, not only principled. We Need to have a “kaayyoo”, which we can sell to those who can provide us that necessary bank and tank. Have you ever seen one of our leaders who boldy try to sell the kayyoo of “Independence” to international community?. Be it leaders or followers,the pro-Independence Oromo, like you yourself, brag about the “holy kaayyoo ” only when you act against your fellow Oromo, but you never tell it to an enemy directly or an international power players.

                    By the way, pro-Union forces are not necessarily anti-Independence, but their Approach to achieve that Independence is smarter than that of you, with rigid positioning and self-righteos boasting about the “kaayyoo qulqullu”. The question of Independence is achievable not your fixed way, which hinders us from getting bank and tank. We better come up with an approach, which we can sell to those, who would provide them to us. Look how the Woyane, despite its oppressive character, gets that support from both the Eastern and Western powers.

                    Yes, nothing is impossible under the sun, but be smart to look for what is more possible in the political context of the globe. Sticking to one ideology we got once in our life doesn’t make us smart politicians. To open the door of our problem we need a key with a fitting design to the key hole (political contex at hand). I think you are trying to open the door with an old key in a new key hole (with changed design).

                    Did you think over why we couldn’t quickly take the struggle to next stage? I think we lacked that necessary bank and tank. Can just being self-righteous and being fixed to one corner of Independence help us get them? I doubt! Well, we can comfort ourselves by saying “the Oromo are keeping Woyane at corner”. If we had that power of influence, we wouldn’t see Woyane all over Oromia exploiting us and taking away our land and life. Woyane is not only pushing us to that corner, but driving us away from our resources. Face the reality and seek a solution, rather than trying to massage our mind with good words. To be a winner, we need a flexible and winning strategy, not only a fixed and “holy kayyoo”. Thank you again for the discussion!

  8. Gurmu Reply

    July 9, 2015 at 5:06 am

    Ato Faiis – you wrote your piece. Now let the other comment on it instead of trying to answer what people write under different names.

    • Relevant Reply

      July 9, 2015 at 11:48 am

      do you see Fayyis in all corner of your house? Where is your comment then? Just spitting such irrelevant one simple sentence?

      • Murataa Reply

        July 9, 2015 at 9:02 pm

        Relevant himself is Fayyis. Please stop confusing Oromo! Ilma abbaa lafaa fakaayitta, aboo callisii ifirraa rafi. I thank other Oromo websites that don’t post Fayysi’s endlessly like Gadaa.com is doing.

        • Relevant Reply

          July 10, 2015 at 9:38 am

          Ilma Abaa-lafaa? Hmmmmm! Why do you Sound like OPDO cadres? This is their typical Expression!

          • Murataa Reply

            July 10, 2015 at 10:25 pm


            I don’t know how OPDOs sound, you know that. Because, ijoollee abbaa lafaa always look for all opportunities to come to power without paying sacrifice. It doesn’t need to be cadre to identify opportunist like you.

            • Relevant Reply

              July 11, 2015 at 6:08 am

              But OPDOs like you are the worst oppurtunits known on this earth! kkk

              • Murataa Reply

                July 12, 2015 at 9:40 am

                @ Relevant = irrelevant,

                You are the irrelevant ilma abbaa lafaa and part of the loser ODF that had been eating our struggle from within for long through labeling and disintegrating the unity of ‘qabsaa’otaa’ to get power residue by conspiring with your lord Mallasaa and yet you call your challenger OPDO. No more relevance in QBO, only day dream and GIGO hypothesis.

                • Relevant Reply

                  July 12, 2015 at 5:26 pm

                  why are you mad at me? kkkkk! You started that labelling and I described you with evidence!

                  • Murataa Reply

                    July 13, 2015 at 3:49 pm


                    I told you that you don’t have grain in what you write. It is GIGO and that is what ilma abbaa laffaas do to just come to power. There is no evidence to describe me the way you think or want. You run away from Woyane via Bole that you later bagged to negotiate with and failed after death of Mallasa and you only remember about the time when you were in Oromia. ‘Jaartiin gaafa maqalaa jaamte, guyyaan hundi masqala itti fakkaatti’ jedhan. Please, use that initial fake name, Fayyis. You look confused and try to please yourself only.

                    • Relevant

                      July 13, 2015 at 10:03 pm

                      kkkk Are you fighting Fayyis behind my nick with such fervour? He must be really your nightmare, so that you see him behind all nicks!

  9. Delebo Reply

    July 9, 2015 at 7:52 pm

    Listen Dr.Laphiso here: http://gadaa.com/GadaaTube/9680/2014/01/21/dr-lapeso-getahunge-delebo-on-the-queen-of-sheba-on-the-anti-ethiopian-usurpation-of-yukuno-amlak-and-the-plot-of-egyptalexandria-to-control-abyssiniasethiopias-politics-and-history/
    “….Historian Dr. Lapeso Getahun/Ge. Delebo on the “Queen of Sheba;” on the Usurpation of the Anti-Ethiopian Soldier Yukuno Amlak; and on the Plot of Egypt/Alexandria to Control Abyssinia’s/Ethiopia’s Politics and History..”

  10. Oromo First Reply

    July 9, 2015 at 8:48 pm

    By completly replacing Amhara with Agaw, Fayyis is trying so hard to divert the whole blame from Naftagna (Amhara) to Agaw people.

    It is very clear, that Fayyis’s main goal (in this and all other articles) is to neutralize (remove) the Amhara from the miserable political equation. In order to achieve this goal, Fayyis uses her/his false premises, that “Agaw is Amarized; Agaw became Amhara”. Therefore, the cusitic people (Agaw and Oromo) must be blamed for the continuation of all kinds of miseries, not the Amhara. What a twisted argument!!! Blaming the victim, in order to neuralize/remove the culprit from the equation!!!

    Whatver twisted approach may Fayyis try to employ(use), no amount of his falsehood shall ever free Fayyis and his Naftagnas from facing justice!!!

    • Biting Reply

      July 9, 2015 at 9:09 pm

      Oromo First,
      you are also good spinner! How about his explicit motive of building or promoting apossible alliance b/n the Agaw and the Oromo against the neo-Nafxanya (Woyane)? Are you not trying to divert our Attention from fighting the biting neo-Nafxanya to the toothless old Nafxanya?

  11. Border Reply

    July 10, 2015 at 10:11 am

    Which one is the correct and a well defined Oromia’s boundary? ABO-QC’s map? ABO-SG? OPDO’s? Fayyis Oromia’s? or Tsega Etefa’s?

    • Harawa Reply

      July 12, 2015 at 5:57 pm


      It is surprising to read new names and cliques along with established and known organizations? What kind of map the so-called Fayyis, the illusion, has? For God’s sake, who is Tsega Etefa? How did you bring to picture over here? So, are you going to mention every person from your ‘gandaa’ and make them known and compete about Oromia map that has already been established by ABO?

      • Border Reply

        July 13, 2015 at 12:09 am

        didn’t you see here, in this article, the map of Fayyis? You can call it an illusion, but it can be a vision! You just put down other Oromo’s work, but contribute nothing. “Hamma namaa hin geessu, tuffii namaa hin teessu!”. Good to have also such fool person in our community!

  12. Fayyis Reply

    July 10, 2015 at 1:52 pm

    Hi all,
    thanks for both the compliment and criticism you gave here; main Thing is that we air our opinions! “Dubbii baha hin dhorkan galma dhorku malee”, thus let’s be free to show our views on our different issues. Now, we have to try to stop the ongoing Ethiophobic Ethiopiawinet (the Three Millennia Anti-Cushitism). That was the main aim of this “article”.

    We all know that true Ethiopia = Cush. Since about 3000 years ago, systematic anti-Cushitism is going on. The Western elites and their Abyssinian friends did build Ethiophobic Ethiopia (anti-Cushitic Ethiopia) with 3000 years “glorious history”. The main features of this movement are:

    – denying all Cushitic civilzations and giving it to others; e.g both Egypt civilization and Axum civilization are attributed to the Semites.
    – Cushitic leaders are given fake ancestry, so that they claimed to be from Solomon dynasty.
    – Cushitic culture and languages are undermined in a Cushitic country like today’s Ethiopia.
    – Cushitic religion (Waaqefanna) is systematically weakened.
    – the main Cushitic language, Afaan Oromo, is yet purposely denied the status of federal working language, just to undermine the Cushitic cultural heritage of Ethiopia
    – Cushitic peoples are purposely classified into other categories; e.g all the Omotic and Ethiosemetic are actually Cushites.
    – Habesha elites are fighting against the liberation forces of the Cushites being masked with Ethiopiawinet; their version is actually Ethiophobic.
    – true Ethiopiawinet (Kushawinet) loves for example Oromo and Oromummaa, but Habesha elites preach Ethiopiawinet, which is Oromophobic.

    Because of this confusion regarding pseudo-Ethiopiawinet vs true Ethiopiawinet, we Oromos hve to prefer calling the current Ethiopia as Oromia, just like re-naming Addis Abeba to Finfinne. We don’t accept the de-Cushiticized pseudo-Ethiopia, but we struggle for the renaissance of true Ethiopiawinet with all ist Cushitic elements on the grave of the now flourishing Habeshanet as main component of the daily preached Ethiophobic Ethiopiawinet! One of the Cushitic elements to be revivied is the Agaw culture and language in the whole Agaw-Midir, not only in the small enclaves now speaking Agawinya.

    Thus from now onwards, Oromia = formerly Ethiopia as defined here; http://finfinnetribune.com/Gadaa/2014/1 … he-center/ ; is a union in which the following five points (FADOB-score) will be implemented: F = Freedom from the system of domination; A = Afan Oromo as a working language of federal government; D = Democracy as rule of game in the union; O = Oromia instead of Ethiopia as name of the union; and B = Black-red-white as Cushitic flag of the Union. This upper Nile country called Oromia by the native owners of the land is used to be named as Abyssinia by the Portuguese, Kush by the Jews, Ardulhabesh by the Arabs, Punt by the Egyptians and Ethiopia by the Greeks.

  13. Waqjiraa Gudataa Reply

    July 10, 2015 at 3:17 pm

    Galatooma Obbo FAYYIS for such interesting article which calls on both Oromos and Agaws for a possible historical alliance as a Cushites against the minority Habash in searching liberty and freedom for all. I do appreciate your deep knowledge about the Agaw identity crises who still consider themselves as an Ahmara hardliners while all oppressed nations and nationalities already liberated themselves from identity crises thanks to the OLF. Here, NO solutions for our Agaw “friend “,unless urgently they must wake up from their deep sleeping a similar to proud Kemant who woke up and firing up for their destiny with whom Oromos must support.
    Obbo Fayyis, I do support your advocacy for a broad Cushitic alliance, but as far as Agaws concerned, it is a too long way for that project and at the end the Agaws will remaine for ever the amaranized Agaw who risk to disappear soon. SO, it is rather a UNESCO concern than Oromos.
    Therefore, Obbo Fayyis, our historical alliance must be based on purpose whereby only to push the already moving motions : the Ogadeans, Sidamas, Afars, Gambelas and others, but Oromos must enforce the Agaws to wake up or otherwise to fight them as the soldier of our historical enemies . Oromos never ever compromise with Agaws as far as they choose ahmaranized agaws.
    Free Oromiyaa!!

  14. Waqjiraa Gudataa Reply

    July 10, 2015 at 8:02 pm

    Obbo Fayyis, as an alliance between the Oromos and Agaws is incompatible for the fact that when the later lost their identity beyond repair and still act more than ahmaras, there is no common ground where the two nations meet, rather Oromo’s priority burning issue is Diplomatic Policy at great concern.
    As you are a very updated Oromo politician, I would rather expect from you the way our policy makers should move, not of course in public, but for the sake of concern as a general.
    Today at 21st century, again our world facing heart of darkness-the Cold-War between the superpowers whereby according to the 308 pages of the book “In the Foot Steps of Mr Kurtz” by Michela Wrong, the dark wall of African Hotels where coups are planned, embryonic rebel government lodged and atrocities committed by the superpower direct assistance. They are: Hotel Mille Collines in Rwanda, Hilton hotel in Ethiopia and Nile hotel in uganda. Therefore, the general argument for those who used to say the world politics changed is a misleading and instead the Oromos should concentrate on our national interest as a great nation only for our interest.

    • Fayyis Reply

      July 10, 2015 at 10:42 pm

      gltm for your crtical support as usual! Yes what ever we do must benefit our Oromo national interest. The revival of Agaw nation with its Cushitic identity is in our interest. As you said most of them are totally damaged, so that they see themselves as Amhara or Tigrean rather than as Agaw. But everything starts with one step; even marathon running begins so. Remember, how many Oromo used to deny our identity 40 years back. We don’t fight for Agaw nationals, but we encourage them to fight for themselves. Regarding how to act in the new world power struggle, our policy makers should be smart enough to exploit any opportunity to our advantage. You and I can play our very mini role, at least by giving awareness here in cyber world. Tnx again!

  15. Wolf Reply

    July 14, 2015 at 4:57 pm

    Abyssinians in Ethiopiawinet identity are like wolves in sheep skin, just to eat the sheep. They smartly usurped this name Ethiopia and masked themselves in order to occupy and exploit the true Ethiopians (the Cushite) including the Oromo. Our Oromo elites and leaders should have tried to differentiate the pseudo-Ethiopians from the true-Ethiopians and expose the wolves, instead of just teaching Oromo People to hate Ethiopia in General.

  16. Q Reply

    December 2, 2017 at 6:21 pm

    Why do Black (especially Oromos) people want to claim everything… they are ashamed of being Black (oromo)… A Black (Oromo) person who speak Amharic is not an Amhara likewise a dafur who speak Arabic is not an Arabian but black. Blacks (Oromos) will always be Black (Oromos) Not Amharas, Amharas will always be Amharas not Blacks (Oromo)… Amharas are exclusively of Agaw/Gafat race and have nothing to do with Blacks (Oromos)… Cushitc is just a language family not genetics… A black Cushitic speaker (Somali/Oromos) are closer to Black Wolaytas (None Cushitic speakers then they are to Agaw/Bejas cushitic speakers…

  17. man Reply

    December 2, 2017 at 6:23 pm

    Why do Black (especially Oromos) people want to claim everything… they are ashamed of being Black (oromo)… A Black (Oromo) person who speak Amharic is not an Amhara likewise a dafur who speak Arabic is not an Arabian but black. Blacks (Oromos) will always be Black (Oromos) Not Amharas, Amharas will always be Amharas not Blacks (Oromo)… Amharas are exclusively of Agaw/Gafat race and have nothing to do with Blacks (Oromos)… Cushitc is just a language family not genetics… A black Cushitic speaker (Somali/Oromos) are closer to Black Wolaytas (None Cushitic speakers then they are to Agaw/Bejas cushitic speakers…

  18. fayyis Reply

    December 2, 2017 at 6:36 pm

    Why do Black (especially Oromos) people want to claim everything… they are ashamed of being Black (oromo)… A Black (Oromo) person who speak Amharic is not an Amhara likewise a dafur who speak Arabic is not an Arabian but black. Blacks (Oromos) will always be Black (Oromos) Not Amharas, Amharas will always be Amharas not Blacks (Oromo)… Amharas are exclusively of Agaw/Gafat race and have nothing to do with Blacks (Oromos)… Cushitc is just a language family not genetics… A black Cushitic speaker (Somali/Oromos) are closer to Black Wolaytas (None Cushitic speakers then they are to Agaw/Bejas cushitic speakers…

  19. mario Reply

    December 2, 2017 at 6:51 pm

    Why do Black (especially Oromos) people want to claim everything… they are ashamed of being Black (oromo)… A Black (Oromo) person who speak Amharic is not an Amhara likewise a dafur who speak Arabic is not an Arabian but black. Blacks (Oromos) will always be Black (Oromos) Not Amharas, Amharas will always be Amharas not Blacks (Oromo)… Amharas are exclusively of Agaw/Gafat race and have nothing to do with Blacks (Oromos)… Cushitc is just a language family not genetics… A black Cushitic speaker (Somali/Oromos) are closer to Black Wolaytas (None Cushitic speakers then they are to Agaw/Bejas cushitic speakers…

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