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Veteran Oromo leader Ibsaa Guutama:- Response on Oromiyaa’s interests in Finfinne demands more than ‘draft’

Posted: Caamsaa/May 4, 2017 · Finfinne Tribune | Gadaa.com | Comments (1)


The following are bilingual Facebook posts of Obboo Ibsaa Guutama, the veteran Oromo political leader and author of “Prison of Conscience,” a book that narrates the politician’s decade-long life as a Prisoner of Conscience behind the Ethiopian maximum-security prison known as Maikelawi in the 1980’s. The Facebook posts speak about the recently “leaked” draft law of Oromia’s Special Interest in Finfinne. Mr. Guutama cautions about commenting on a “leaked document” that can be fake, and he underlines that the response of the government to the ongoing Oromo revolution demands more than just a ‘draft.’

Wuxinee Finfinnee: Oromiyaan moo’ummaa see deebifachuuf erga qabamtee qabsoo hin dhaabne. Qabsichi Finfinnee qaama Oromiyaa alatt yeroon laale hin turre. Kanaaf bilisummaan Oromiyaa bilisummaa Finfinneeti jechuu dha. Haala amma jiruun Oromiyaan Finnaa Federala Itoophiyaa keessaa tokko. “Wuxineen dhimmise” jedhamu olii gad faca’aa jiru haala kana jalatt waan tahuuf deemu agarsiisa. Chartara Cehumsaa kaasee Oromummaan Finfinnee seera koloneeffataan fudhatamee jira. finnooti hundi mootummaa federaalaa jiraachisuuf abbaawummaa qabu. Erga kana tahe Finnaan Oromiyaa mootummaa Federaalaa waliin waldhaqisa tokko mallateessuun barbaachisaa dha. Federalli akka Muummicha Magaalaa saatt mirga fi dirqama keessaa qabaatu; Oromiyaan akka abbaatt mirga ofii qabaattuu fi mirga ofbulchaa magaalichaaf kennitu ifatt beekamuu qaba jechuu dha. Jiraattoti magaalichaa mirgaa fi abbaawummaa bulcha Imperiyaalaa jalatt argatan irraa gad hin qabaatani. Qabee wuxinichaatt yaada kennuu yeroo saa miti. Wuxinichi dhugaas sobas tahuu ni dandaha. Bu’aan Oromiyaa ni eegama erga jedhame waggaa digdami shan ol taheera. Waa’ee saa kaasun bara kana hunda kan fixe warraaqsa biraa eeguun fakkaata. Warraaqsichi amma dhooweeraa. Deebiif kana caalaa gaafta.

Finfinne Draft: Oromiyaa has never stopped the struggle to regain her sovereignty since its occupation. There has been no time that the struggle considered Finfinne as not being part of Oromiyaa. For this reason, the liberation of Oromiyaa means the liberation of Finfinne. Under the present condition, Oromiyaa is one among the federated states of Ethiopia. A draft referred to as a “leaked document,” and being thrown up and down, indicates what is going to happen under this condition. Starting from the Transitional charter, the Oromoness of Finfinne is recognized by the colonial law. If that is so, the Oromiyaa State needs to sign a treaty with the Federal government: the rights and duties the Federal government has as its Capital City, and as the owner – the right Oromiyaa will have and rights she gives to Finfinne for self-administration has to be officially declared. Residents of the city will not have less rights and responsibilities than it had been due to them under the imperial rule. Commenting on the content of a “leaked document” will be untimely. The draft could be fake or genuine. It has been over twenty-five years since it’s been said Oromiyaa’s special interests in Finfinne shall be protected. It seems it took so long to raise about it since it waited for another revolution. The revolution has now exploded. The response demands more than that [draft].


Facebook Posts

OMN: Haala Yeroo Turtii Jawaar Mohammad Waliin


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Opdo sirna juneedi Meles miicantus hin qulqullofne,Amma illee Tigray tplf aangoo irra tursiusuuf fakkaatee basaasatuu jawar.

Ysa Oromoo waan Juwar M.jedhu kana dhaggeefadhaa kijibduu kana.

Shiraa kessaa jiraa

Jawaar qabsoo Oromoo akka Leencoo lataa 1991 oromootti tabatee jawaaris Oromootti tabachuu heedaa

Jiraadhuu, dhugaani nihadhoofitu qorissa wani tateefi, haa hadhufituu fudhaatani itiin fayuuni baribachisadhaa. Kanaafi yaa ilimaani Oromo qabisoo dhigaani asinii batee tanaa dubaatii hindebisinaa!!

Diinni hiriira "Down Down Wayyaanee" qindeessu argame jechuudha.

jawar komachuu dura of komadhuuu

eenyutu isa dura ta'a qeerro godhe kan isa muude? kanaaf yaalin ajjecha Yaazo iratti goosise laata? qeerro is bigger than omn, where you dislodged everybody and became the sole leader Jawar MohammedDammaqaa Nagaasaa

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13 hours ago


Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo, ABO's youth league, claims it's been organizing the massive peaceful rallies across Oromia in October 2017. From October 11 to 17, 2017, the group shared daily video clips of the rallies on its Facebook page. These clips had been compiled together for documentation purposes and can be watched here:- https://vimeo.com/238707297

The rallies have been peaceful (nonviolent); most of the rally-goers have been seen carrying the Oromo Liberation Front’s (OLF’s) flag of “red-green-red,” which, through time, has become a symbol of the Oromo nationalism in the resistance struggle against the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (TPLF aka Woyane), the party of ethnic Tigreans who have dominated the Ethiopian federal government since its formation in 1991. In their chants, the rally-goers have expressed their support for the OLF and denounced the TPLF/Woyane; in some instances, they have also expressed their support for the current administration, led by Mr. Lemma Megersa, of the Oromia National Regional State; Mr. Lemma Megersa’s administration uses pro-Oromummaa and pro-Ethiopianist nationalist rhetoric to garner support from all sectors of Oromian citizens, and beyond. In some of the clips, the participants have also called on the TPLF government to release all political prisoners, including Dr. Merera Gudina and Mr. Bekele Gerba, leaders of the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC).

Known as “Qeerroo” for short, ABO’s youth wing, the National Youth Movement for Freedom and Democracy (NYMFD), announced its formation in April 2011. Among its demands are: (1) the end of military rule of TPLF in Oromia and other oppressed regions, such as Ogadenia and Sidama-land; (2) the unconditional and immediate release of all political prisoners; (3) the confiscation of all TPLF-owned conglomerates; (4) the immediate termination of the land-grabbing policy; (5) the removal of the TPLF-dominated government and its replacement by a Transitional Government of national liberation movements, and opposition and civic groups. Qeerroo calls the current movement “Fincila Xumura Gabrummaa (FXG),” meaning: Revolt to End National Slavery [of the Oromo Nation]. The youth group has regular radio transmissions in Afaan Oromoo and Amharic to Oromia/Ethiopia.

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ABO’s youth league, Qeerroo Bilisummaa, says it’s the organize...


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Oromoo Wayyaanaan OPIDIYO Harawa tolchaani karaa dhoksaatin maqaa qeerrootin Hirara waamani Alaabaa oromoo Harka kaayanii qabsoo karaa qabattee gufachiisuf deemani Oromoo Akka godinni Baalee itt damaqeett jaarasoolin yeeroo ammaa hirara hinbaanu jedhani qeerroon walii galani yeero amma waan biraa hojjachuu qabna jedhani murteefatanitt bakka maraayyu akkas godhu qabna

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  1. Sorsa Reply

    May 5, 2017 at 2:31 am

    Obbo Ibsa Galatoomi!

    I think Wayanes are inviting Oromos for open war as they have not had enough of our people’s blood!
    Otherwise, they know exactly that as the integral part of Oromia the city is not only the center of oromo history, but a matter of survival and death to all oromos from Bale to Wallo, from Harar to Wallaga.
    Whatever lies behind leaking this document, enemies and foes must know that the ultimate authority of the state of Oromia over Finfinne on all affairs is non-negotiable, just as Bahr-Dar and Mekele fall under ultimate control of the respective states. Nothing is special with Finfinne except that it is larger and also serves as the seat of the central government and other national and international institutions. The federal government should only interfere if the Oromia state government asks for.
    For current generation of Oromos, failing to ensure the full administrative right, including collection of revenues and security matters, of Oromia over Finfinne would mean betrayal of the souls of the martyrs of Bishoftu, Ambo, Ginci, Guder, Naqamte, Finfinne, Dire, Haramaya, Calanqo, Annole, and so on, which no living Oromo can take. We can not create another state in our state!
    When our martyrs said “Finfinneen kan Oromia” ti they did not say rename some places and make a few cosmetic changes such as building schools and centers. QABSAWAN NIKUFA QABSOON ITTI FUFA!

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