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TPLF’s Founder Aite Gidey Zeratsion speaks how Zenawi’s MLLT hijacked the democratic nationalism of Tigrayan people

Posted: Onkoloolessa/October 31, 2017 · Finfinne Tribune | Gadaa.com | Comments

From Facebook entry:

Meles Zenawi’s brainchild MLLT had killed more Tigrayan nationalists in Tigray than Derg did in order to “cleanse the path to success/victory” (i.e. Meles Zenawi’s evil policy of የጠራ መንገድ). Had Meles TEKLE been alive, he would have long been killed by Legesse Zenawi’s MLLT group because Meles TEKLE was a democratic nationalist who would not want to oppress others.

Gidey Zeratsion and Aregawi Berhe were kicked out TPLF because they didn’t support Meles Zenawi’s agenda. They have been refugees in Europe since the 1980’s (these Tigrayans were the first TPLF’s refugees – even before Zenawi’s TPLF came to power in 1991).

The Abraha family (Seye and Assefa Abraha) were kicked out of TPLF because they didn’t support Meles Zenawi’s agenda.

Even Gebru Asrat (Tigray’s former president) is no longer in TPLF.

Today’s TPLF of Azeb Mesfin has nothing to do with the democratic Tigrayan nationalism. (Imagine: today’s TPLF is led by Azeb Mesfin – who is not even Tigrayan to begin with – after all the other Tigrayans: Gidey Zeratsion, Aregawi Bereh, Seye Abraha and Gebru Asrat, to name a few – had been kicked out of the organization.)

Today’s TPLF is a beast that is set to put Ethiopia into a genocidal war. Today’s TPLF of Azeb is vicious, but it’s desperate. Today’s TPLF is evil that kills Tigrayan young students and blames it on others in order to keep Azeb Mesfin a billionaire at the expense of the Tigrayan people (Daniel Berhane of Horn Affairs had been inciting this violence for a few weeks now).

Today’s TPLF of Azeb is the same as the Derg (which blamed Meles TEKLE of bombing the City Hall in Arada in Addis Ababa so it could kill him and kill other Tigrayan nationalists in 1975). Today’s TPLF of Azeb is against the people of Tigray.

Meles Tekle (the Tigrayan nationalist activist) and General Tadesse Birru (the Oromo nationalist leader); the tale of two seekers of freedom and democracy in Ethiopia …

Tigrayan nationalist activist Meles Tekle (from whom Woyane’s Legesse Zenawi took his first name to be known as “Meles” Zenawi) was killed on the same day, and at the same place, as the Oromo nationalist leader General Tadesse Birru (that is, on March 19, 1975). They were both killed by the Derg, six months after it came to power (Derg officially came to power on September 12, 1974). From the very beginning, therefore, Derg made Tigrayan nationalists and Oromo nationalists two of its prime enemies.

Meles Tekle – the Tigrayan nationalist activist was framed for a bombing that went off and killed several innocent civilians at the City Hall (Mezegaja Bet) in Addis Ababa. Meles Tekle and his fellow activists were arrested, and later executed by the Derg. Neither the framing of Meles Tekle as an “ashebari” nor his subsequent execution slowed down the Tigrayan nationalism that was spreading fast across Ethiopia. This Tigrayan nationalism was used to bring TPLF to power in Ethiopia in 1991.

But, TPLF (along its way) got infected with the vicious and evil ideology of Legesse Zenawi (also called Meles Zenawi later). Meles Zenawi hijacked the popular Tigrayan nationalism and injected his MLLT ideology (MLLT is a sub-group inside TPLF that was prominent in the early to mid 1980’s). MLLT = Marxist-Leninist League of Tigray. With the MLLT ideology, Meles Zenawi transformed TPLF (that used to advance the democratic national agenda of the Tigrayan people) into a vicious political power that works against all peoples of Ethiopia, including the Tigrayan people themselves.

MLLT is what Woyane has become now; it has nothing to do with the democratic nationalism of the Tigrayan people. MLLT has nothing to do with Meles Tekle (one of the great Tigrayan nationalists to be executed by the Derg).

But, Legesse Zenawi knew that MLLT’s evil agenda of taking over Ethiopia and making it the property of some of his friends (and his family members) can not succeeded without confusing people (including confusing the great Tigrayan people) between the agenda of MLLT and the agenda of the Meles-Tekle inspired Tigrayan nationalism, thus he took the first name of MELES TEKLE (the beloved Tigrayan nationalist) for this evil agenda, and he became MELES Zenawi.

In my Oromo family, we used to have the picture of MELES TEKLE (and another one of General Tadesse Birru) in the family album. However, we lost the picture of MELES TEKLE due to constant moving from place to place. But, I remember the ‘gurd photo’ (passport-size photo) of MELES TEKLE in the family album. The ideals of the democratic nationalisms of the Tigrayan and Oromo peoples are based on commonly shared aspirations of freedom and democracy in Ethiopia.

Even those imprisoned Tigrayan and Oromo nationalists during the Derg era started noticing the difference between the early TPLF/Tigrayan nationalist political prisoners (Te’h’A’t – ተህኣት prisoners) and MLLT (Malelet – ማሌሌት prisoners). The MLLT prisoners were viciously against the early Tigrayan nationalist prisoners, and they harassed the Tigrayan nationalist prisoners more than Derg harassed these nationalists. Then – all of a sudden, MLLT disappeared – no one was coming in to the Derg prisons as a “prisoner of MLLT” – this time-frame was the mid-1980’s. MLLT “ceased to exist on paper.”

The mid-1980’s was when MLLT took over the leadership of TPLF, and TPLF transformed itself into the vicious beast that we have come to know today. Early on, all the democratic Tigrayan nationalists were booted out of TPLF, and Legesse Zenawi took the name MELES and took over TPLF (he took the name MELES to make it look like his agenda had something to do with MELES TEKLE). As you know, the MLLT evil Meles Zenawi had been a leader of TPLF since 1980’s (until the time of his death in 2012).

It’s very important to distinguish between the vicious MLLT (which has taken over TPLF since the mid-1980’s), and the democratic nationalism of the Tigrayan people. MLLT is the vicious, evil beast in TPLF/Woyane — MLLT works against the ideals of MELES TEKLE, who was martyred with General Tadesse Birru on March 19, 1975.

MLLT is the enemy of the peoples of Tigray and Oromia. MLLT has killed more Tigrayan nationalists in Tigray than Derg did in order to “cleanse the path to success/victory” (i.e. Meles Zenawi’s evil policy of የጠራ መንገድ). Had Meles Tekle been alive, he would have long been killed by Legesse Zenawi’s MLLT group. MLLT must stop hijacking the democratic national aspirations of the Tigrayan people for its evil agenda of enriching the families of MLLT core members (Azeb Mesfin, Abbay Tsehaye and others).


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