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Birraa TV: Dr. Abiy Ahmad muudamuu laalchisee Marii Addaa

Posted: Ebla/April 3, 2018 · Finfinne Tribune | Gadaa.com | Comments (1)

Birraa TV: Dr. Abiy Ahmad muudamuu laalchisee Marii Addaa




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  1. gpGutemaa Reply

    April 9, 2018 at 7:24 am

    This is nothing but what is called “old wives tale.” You have sought to be heard and we heard you, you have nothing to contribute to the Oromo future. You have shown in the past that you are only skilled in throwing up recycled ideas that your loser group talks about. Please have sense of decency and just shut it up. These guys are young people who had to do with what was dealt them, when you spent your time scavenging for left over burger in the American trash bin. They are Qeroo generation which you tried to commandeer and try to tell us you’re behind the uprising. You are nothing but destructive team running around and barking at whoever tries to do anything for Oromo people.
    Now, instead of wait and see and try to bring people together, you have chosen your trade mark effort of destruction again. Unfortunately, neither Prime Minister Abiy nor President Lema, Qeroo and Oromo people are going to pay attention to you chewing cud like an old ox that is out of commission. Let us hear your program for Oromo people or anyone for that matter. You remember your Qaamaa Ceumsaa? Wat happened to it? Ceoo dadhaabe, just go fix that and bring all the OLF groups together, and win OPDO over, so our people can work together, instead of self-congratulation of I am the greatest. Stop dividing Oromo people and serving the interest of enemies of Oromo people. As the saying goes,” Who needs an enemy with friends like these?”
    What is this barking at anyone who attempts to do anything for Oromo people? Who appointed you arbitrators of Oromo people, did they vote for you, or do you have the power attorney that people have to have your approval to do any work for Oromo people? To try to put Prime Minister Abiy in the light of your choice is not going to work, at least he and his friends were overtly OPDO, but what are you? You cannot call your self OLF, because you were hell bent in destroying that organization too. The honorable Obbo Zalalem is so much of an expert in giving us the mischief of the background of Prime Minister Abiy, a man who was born way after some off us left the country. How disgusting that you try to spit up to this young man who is probably trying to do his very best under the circumstances. You keep on spiting up; the scum of your saliva will pile up your own dammed ugly face. It has been said change is the only constant, but you guys have no program, no new ideas, except giving us the diarrhea of the mouth. Some people grow up, others just grow old, and the later seems to fit you perfectly. The new generation of Oromo is not going to listen to you; they have a problem to attend to. You have the nerve to bring your Katikala bet gibberish to public forum. Qeroo has pulled the rug from under your feet, and they don’t need your recycled archaic, katikala bet nonsense.
    Long live liberated and free Oromia.

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